First light from the ground calibration of WXT Flight Model module


The ground calibration of the first EP-WXT Flight Model (FM1) was completed at IHEP 100m X-ray facility (Figure 1) by the end of August, 2022. The effective area, point spread function (PSF) and source positioning accuracy were calibrated at different incident angles.

The first light from FM1 was obtained from the calibration test, with the module illuminated by an Aluminium-target electron impact X-ray source (Figure 2). The test results show that the X-ray imaging performance of FM1 is excellent and fulfills the design requirements of WXT. This indicates that significant progress has been made in the development of WXT Flight Models.


Figure 1 EP-WXT FM1 at 100m X-ray facility at IHEP, CAS

Figure 2 First Flight from EP-WXT Flight Model module FM1