LEIA Detected the X-ray Flare from the Nova ASASSN-23hd

LEIA team has reported the detections of the X-ray flare from the transient ASASSN-23hd in the LMC, which was initially discovered by ASAS-SN on 2023-10-13, and then was classified as a classical nova by SOAR spectroscopic follow-up on 2023-10-15 (ATel #16294).

LEIA firstly detected this source at 2023-11-07T01:28:08 with a 0.5-4 keV flux of ~4.3e-11 erg/s/cm^2, and continuous brightening were detected until 2023-11-12T18:16:08 with a peak 0.5-4 keV flux of ~8.4e-11 erg/s/cm^2. ASASSN-23hd had formerly been monitored by Swift/XRT from 2023-10-18 till 2023-11-1, of which the last observation gave a 0.5-4 keV flux of ~4.8e-13erg/s/cm^2. New XRT observations of this source had been carried out since 2023-11-11. We looked into the recent observation at 2023-11-11T17:45:57 (obs ID: 00016292009, 650s exposure time in Windowed Timing mode), and used an absorbed apec plus blackbody (the column density is fixed to 1.1e21 cm^-2) to fit the 0.3-10 keV spectrum, the fitted model gave an absorbed flux of ~8.6e-11erg/s/cm^2 in the 0.5-4 keV band, which is consistent with the flux given by LEIA.

The continuous brightening in X-ray indicates that the outburst of this nova is still in progress and more follow-up observations are encouraged.


The preliminary results have been posted at Astronomer's Telegram as ATel 16334.  Click here for more EP/LEIA Astronomer's Telegrams.